Notification settings

Manage your automatic email notifications and Push notifications.

New messages – get an email notification about every new message in your course groups. You can opt-out from specific courses.

Daily summary – get a daily summary with all messages from a day

Reminders – get an encouraging reminder after three and seven days of inactivity. You can opt-out from specific courses.

Emails triggered by system actions like email address confirmation, course assignment, new role assignment are not optional.

Enable push notifications – get push notifications directly to your device. If you use multiple Gele accounts, please remember that only one account can be “paired” with a web browser. This setting is connected directly to a web browser, so impersonating a user won’t show you current User push notifications settings.
This function is currently supported by web browsers on Android/Windows/Linux…
“Apple, we are waiting for you to join the rest of the world 🙂 “