Getting started

Welcome to Gele documentation.


Gele (Group E-Learning Experience) was created with few goals in mind:

  • to create a simple and friendly place to engage with the content
  • to enable students to interact with others
  • to respond to student needs and gradually offer them next steps
  • to influence students’ lives in a meaningful way

The first version of Gele was released in June 2011, second in March 2014, third in January 2017. Ongoing development of this platform results in an incremental update almost every month.

Gele is served to clients as SAAS (Software as a Service). It means that the client gets complete and undivided rights to manage and use the platform without the need to worry about what happens in the background. All necessary maintenance tasks, backups, security and updates are performed by Studio DR.



Gele is actively developed and supported by the Studio DR team. If you don’t find the answer to your questions in documentation, please write to