Coach courses

Lists courses where your role is “Coach”.

Actions to take on courses

Sorting – sort courses by

  • Unread messages first
  • Number of students
  • Alphabetical

Preview content – preview course in a “content view” mode

Status light – choose your current Coach status:

  • green light – ready to be assigned to new course groups in that course
  • red light – not ready to be assigned to new course groups in that course
Actions on course-groups / students

Under every course name you’ll see a list of all course-groups that you’re coaching. If in a course group there is just one student it will be named after the student’s name.

Add/Remove star – add or remove a star reminder. This is a simple indicator visible just for the coach to help him remember certain course groups or students. Adding a star doesn’t have any other consequences in the system.

Add notes – add a note on the course group or student. Note is only visible for the coach and helps him to remember certain facts or thoughts. Additionally – you can change the name and assign a nickname to the course group or student that will help you to find it on the list.

Messages – it’s information on how many unread messages are waiting for you. Click on it to go to the “All conversations” panel.

My last message – displays the date of the last message sent by the coach in a group.

Last visit – displays information on the last login of students in the course group.

Course expiration – shows the date when the course will expire. Click on it to edit that date.

Progress – displays the average progress of all students in the course group.

Warning icon – displayed when a student needs Coach approval to continue the course. Click on it to go to the slide that needs approval and take the appropriate action.