Communication greatly impacts people – that’s why in Gele there are different social interactions available. All communications are real-time chat messages and always happen in the Course Group context. There is no conversation outside of Course Groups (the only exception is “Comments section” under “Watch” in 1-2-3 Course).

Depending on Course type there could be up to 3 channels for communication:

  • In-slide conversation
  • Student – Coach chat panel
  • Group chat panel

In-slide conversation – every Slide in a Course could be set up to have a conversation box. All members (students and coach) of a Course Group can write and read each other’s messages. Even, if there is just one student in the Course Group, he can still write his message.

Student – Coach chat panel – every Student can message his Coach using a separate “My Coach” panel (“My Student” panel for Coaches).

Group chat panel – all members of Course Group can write to others using a separate “My Group” panel.


Communication with a “Friend” doesn’t accommodate an internal messaging system, it uses a regular email triggered by Gele that can be followed up also using email.