Facebook login tutorial

Duration: 3:15 Tutorial

To enable Facebook login in your Gele, first – in few simple steps – create your own Facebook app.

  1. Login to your facebook account and go to developers.facebook.com
  2. Click ‚Get Started’, Register account, Verify you account
  3. Under First App tab – name your app (you can change it later)
  4. Go to Basic settings of your App, add Display Name, your App Domain, valid URL for Privacy Policy/Rerms of Service, App icon, choose category, add Data Protection Officer Contact Information.
  5. Go to ‚Products’, scroll down the screen.
  6. Add a product – Facebook Login (click Set Up).
  7. In the Quick Start section choose ‚www’, add your site URL, click Save.
  8. Go to Your Facebook Login product Settings, Enable ‚Embedded Browser Oauth Login’.
  9. Turn On your app(checkbox near to „Status: In Development”).
  10. Voila! Your app is alive!

When you have your app ready, configure Gele.

  1. Go to your Gele site, Superadmin->Integrations->Facebook, Click ‚Enable Facebook Login’
  2. Fill in your Facebook App ID from developersFacebook->YourAppBasicSettings->App ID
  3. Fill in your Facebook App Secret from developersFacebook->YourAppBasicSettings->App Secret
  4. Save your changes. Congratulations! You have enabled Facebook login in your Gele Site!

Things to remember:

  • Be careful not to expose your Facebook App Secret to nobody! Its a security breach!
  • If someone has an account in your Gele, and owns facebook account with the same email, he can login via facebook to his account.
  • If someone doesn’t have an account in your Gele, he can login(register) to your Gele via facebook. All logins via facebook may (technically) result in platform registration (its by design – if you enable facebook integration, it’s like giving all facebook users with valid emails privilege to login to your site)
  • Accounts created by ‚login with facebook’ feature can be also accessed via basic ’email/password’ login, but first – user has to click ‚Forgot my password’ under login form and input their email assigned to facebook account and follow further instructions.

As the Facebook’s API changes quickly, please check in your Facebook Developrer’s portal the version of API you use for Facebook login app. The older versions of API are being depreciated (Facebook will send an alert before that happens). The only thing you need to do is to change the API version to the newest one (Facebook for Developers -> Your App -> Settings -> Advanced -> Upgrade API Version)