Zoom integration tutorial

Duration: 5:56 Tutorial

Zoom integration is available since Gele 3.5. It’s a great and easy way to start a video/audio call with other participants of your course group. If you’re the Coach you can „Call now” or schedule calls for the future. Gele will send reminders to all group participants and they will be able to join the call directly from the Course page. How to set it up?

General setup

  1. Enable Zoom integration
    Go to Superadmin-> Settings -> Integrations -> Enable Zoom meetings
  2. Pick a language for the Zoom interface
    Zoom offers a list of available languages. If your language is not on the list, you can still apply custom translations. To manage custom translations go to Superadmin -> Settings -> Language -> Zoom Interface custom translations
  3. Chose your license type
    You can use Zoom for free with some limitations on the group calling or pay for „Premium hosts” (Zoom licensed users). With 1 premium host, you can have 1 non-restricted group call at the time. With 2 premium hosts, you can have 2 non-restricted group calls at the same time, etc…

    • Free – unlimited video calls for 2 participants (great for „student with coach” courses). Group calls are limited to 40 minutes.
    • Shared – buy any number of „Premium hosts” from Gele.io and use it in your platform. Our price per host is $25/month.
    • Business – connect your own Zoom business account to Gele (the minimum number of „Premium hosts” in the Zoom Business plan is 10, which translates to $200/month). Because of technical reasons, it is not possible to integrate Zoom Pro accounts, it’s available only for Zoom Business accounts.
  4. If you decided to use Shared or Business license, please contact us, we will assist you with the setup.

Course setup

  1. Enable Zoom in selected courses
    Go to Course -> Settings -> Integrations -> Enable Zoom
  2. Chose additional options
    • Enable „Call now” for students – give students an option to initiate the call at any time (using a free plan)
    • Allow students to start a premium meeting (use premium host) – if you want the students to initiate group calls longer than 40 minutes. Option available if premium hosts are available for this course.
    • Enable scheduling for Coaches – Coaches may schedule future calls

Initiating a call

  1. Go to the Course page as a student or Coach
  2. Click „Video call” next to the slide
  3. Click Call now to start a call immediately.
  4. Click Schedule a call (available to Coaches only) to plan a call in the future. You may choose to notify all group participants about that call. Additionally, Gele will send a reminder half an hour before the call to all group participants.
  5. When setting up a call you specify the duration of it. This feature helps to book the „Premium users” for a specified time slot if the call is longer than 40 minutes.

Joining a call

  1. Join the call from the course page
  2. When the call is active there is a big banner displayed above the slides with a link to join the call. The banner is active for the „call duration” time (set when initiating the call).
  3. For all calls scheduled for the future, you’ll see a list of them in a small banner above the slides.

Using zoom

  1. The meeting panel will open above the slides. If you open it for the first time, you need to give permission to your browser to use your camera/microphone.
  2. You have your standard zoom controls available. If you’re a Coach you’re the meeting Host and you have additional tools to manage participants.
  3. You can navigate to different slides, the meeting will not be disturbed
  4. You can „unpin” the meeting panel to flow over the slide content
  5. When you’re done with the meeting just click „Leave” or „End the call”

Experiencing issues?

We use an official Zoom web client, which is still a relatively young technology. Zoom is dedicated to improving on its features and it’s happening as we speak.
Still, if you ever find to have any problems, click „Having problems?” below the meeting panel. You’ll find there a standard link to open a Zoom app.