Google search console

Duration: 7:23 Tutorial

Integrate Google Search console and take insights to improve your SEO performance.

There are 3 elements that we will cover in the tutorial:

  • Search Console – a service by Google to provide you with information about Google Search performance (organic search) of your site
  • Cloud Console – a service by Google that will enable the integration
  • Gele – new integration module available since Gele 3.5

Cloud Console

  1. Login to Cloud Console with your Google credentials –
  2. Select a project -> New project -> Create name
  3. Go to project navigation menu -> APIs and Services -> Enable APIs and Services
  4. Search for „Search console” and enable it
  5. On the project’s page, go to Credentials -> Manage service accounts -> Create service account
  6. In „Service account name” put something like „search-console” and click Create
  7. Select a Basic -> Viewer role and click Continue
  8. Click Done
  9. Click on the newly created account and select Keys -> Add key -> Create a new key
  10. Create JSON file and save it on your computer

Search console

  1. Log in to Search Console –
  2. In the „URL prefix” section place your site’s domain URL and click Continue
  3. Verify the ownership by copying HTML tag to Gele -> Superadmin -> Settings -> Custom Code -> „After <head> tag”
  4. In search, console click „Verify” to add your site to Search Console
  5. Go to Settings -> Users and permissions -> Add user
  6. Place here the email address of an integration user created in Cloud Console
  7. Assign Restricted permissions


  1. Go to Superadmin -> Settings -> Integrations
  2. Scroll down to the „Analytics” section and Enable Google Search Console Integration
  3. Upload the JSON file that you’ve previously saved on your computer and click Save


View your new analytics in Superadmin -> Analytics -> Search Console. It will take at least 48 hours before you see the first data.